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He is my Rock is the home of unique, hand-painted rock nativity sets.  Like Jesus, who started life on earth from humble beginnings, my one-of-a-kind nativity figures begin with a common, natural material found everywhere -- rocks and stones.  For a delightful conversation piece, try something new and out of the ordinary by replacing the figures in your traditional nativity scene display with a unique, hand-painted rock nativity set.

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The uniqueness of each nativity set -- based on rock size, paint color, and placement in a stable -- is illustrated below. Each hand-painted Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus rock figure comes to life with distinctive characteristics. As the pages turn, if you would like to spend more time on a particular nativity set, just hold your cursor over the page. Click here or on any turning page to see more details about some of these painted rock nativity sets.

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Find newly completed, painted rock nativities on www.uniquenativitysets.com.  At this time, I ship pieces only within the United States (including Alaska & Hawaii) using U.S. Priority Mail™ - you get Free Shipping along with delivery confirmation.  

How are He is my Rock Nativity Sets Made?

First, I search for suitable rocks that are proportionate to each other and stand upright. 

nativity figures, nativity art sets

Then, as each color of acrylic paint is added, the rock begins to develop a personality and eventually becomes Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.  Robe, skin, and hair color vary to give each set a one-of-a-kind look. One to two coats of a sealant is applied to protect the colors and extend the life of the hand-painted rock.

nativity scene, nativity figurines, nativity art

Click here to see a short video of these rocks being transformed into a nativity set.  
About the Artist

My desire is to create art that speaks to the heart and brings a smile to your face.

I am fascinated and delighted when I discover the unexpected in a piece of art.  Rock art painting enables me to create unique, one-of-a-kind, endearing objects for people of all ages and walks of life from a common natural material found all around me - Colorado river rocks and stones.

As a believer in simple, natural, economical living, I’m recycling an ordinary item into something extraordinary.  Each paint application enlivens the rock with a distinctive and individual personality ready to become a unique addition to your decorative art collection.

You can read more about rock art painting on my blog, Painting Rock & Stone Animals, Nativity Sets & More or visit High Plains Critters to see additional imaginative, hand-painted rocks and stones.

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Painted Rock Nativity Sets by Cindy Thomas
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